C1 Advanced Writing CAE | 6 Powerful Strategies

C1 Advanced Writing

There are 2 parts to the C1 advanced writing paper. Part 1 is an essay and in part 2 you have 3 options from a choice of:  proposal, report or review, email or letter. Here are some separate pages where I go into detail on the different types of C1 Advanced writings:

C1 Advanced Essay.

CAE Proposal.

CAE Report Writing.

C1 Advanced Review.

CAE Email.

CAE Letter.

CAE Writing Samples Book

Above is a book I wrote where you can read 21 CAE writing samples that students have sent to me. I have critiqued and given feedback for these writings. The feedback is based on the Cambridge English Assessment Scale which is what examiners use to mark your work in the exam.

How Do Examiners Mark Your Writing?

In the following video I show you how examiners mark your Part 1 and Part 2 writings. This video has come from my C1 Advanced (CAE) Writing video course. You can get more videos from this course by signing up to my newsletter. If you understand how examiners mark your work then you will also know how to get the best possible marks in the exam!

If you want some more handy tips for the writing paper, you should check out this website.

C1 Advanced Writing FAQs

-Can I write in pencil?

Yes, you can write in pen or pencil.

-What do I do if I make a mistake?

Cross out the words you do not want the examiner to read.

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C1 Advanced Writing Video Course

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C1 Advanced Writing

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