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30-minute CAE Lesson – £25 60-minute CAE Lesson – £44 Prefer GROUP lessons? Complete this form… * indicates required First Name * Email Address * Skype Address * Which currency would you like to pay in? (£$€…) * When do you want lessons e.g. Monday evenings GMT * Are you interested in English Speaking Lessons […]

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FCE Speaking Samples

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FCE Speaking Samples Service Are you interested in having your speaking assessed by me? I assess speaking personally against the official examiner marking criteria. What to do… 1. Hit ‘Buy Now >>’ below 2. Check your email for my instructions 3. Send me your FCE speaking sample(s) 4. Wait for my response (within 7 days) […]

CAE Use of English Course

CAE Use of English Test

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CAE Use of English Test Introduction Welcome to my CAE Use of English Test Introduction page. If you’ve reached this page you probably want to learn the best tips and techniques from my CAE Use of English course. Well, that’s a very good decision and I hope you enjoy my course! Some highlights of the […]

CAE Writing Course

CAE Writing Test

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CAE Writing Test Introduction Hello and welcome to this page. Before diving in to the meat of this course, there are a few important steps that will help you prepare for the CAE Writing test: 1. Understand how examiners mark your paper. 2. Look at the suggested number of words to write. 3. See how […]