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CAE Writing Test

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CAE Writing Test Introduction Hello and welcome to this page. Before diving in to the meat of this course, there are a few important steps that will help you prepare for the CAE Writing test: 1. Understand how examiners mark your paper. 2. Look at the suggested number of words to write. 3. See how […]

CAE Course

Cambridge Assessment English Advice

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Cambridge Assessment English – Members Advice & Video Suggestions I built this page for members of my website to share information, advice and offer Cambridge English Assessment topics for me to film videos on. If you have a video you would like me to make, write a comment below and I will take it into […]

C1 Advanced

CAE Practice Tests

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CAE Practice Tests In all my CAE courses, I use old CAE practice tests to teach you FANTASTIC exam techniques. Using sample papers is one of the best ways to prepare for the CAE exam. In fact, this is an integral step in my CAE preparation strategy. The CAE exam past paper links below are the […]

CAE Reading Course

CAE Reading Test

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CAE Reading Test Introduction What’s that? You want to learn the best techniques to pass the CAE Reading test? Well, luckily for you, you are now a member of this website, which means you can learn how to pass this exam by training all by yourself! I know, you’re going to save yourself a lot […]

CAE Speaking Course

CAE Speaking Test

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CAE Speaking Test Introduction Hello and welcome to my CAE Speaking Test Introduction page. This is the first page in my CAE Speaking Course. I have made this course by gathering together all the best CAE resources I could find. I also put all my knowledge and experience into this course. Oh, and I also […]