CAE Practice Tests

CAE Practice Tests

Many students tell me that their coursebooks are not as tricky as the exam exercises. While it is difficult to verify this, it may have some truth. This is because coursebooks aim to build you up from one level to the next. If you buy a CAE coursebook, it will be preparing students from a B2 level. So, it's possible the tasks at the beginning of the book will be easier than the tasks at the end. Anyway, in all my CAE courses, I use old CAE practice tests to teach you FANTASTIC exam techniques. Using sample papers is one of the best ways to prepare for the CAE exam. In fact, this is an integral step in my CAE preparation strategy. With past exam papers, you can be sure that you are completing tasks at the right level.

The CAE exam past paper links below are the ones I use in my courses. You will need to refer to these when completing the exercises from many videos you'll find in both my short CAE course and long CAE course...

CAE practice tests

More CAE Practice Tests

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