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Cambridge English: Advanced – CAE Writing Example – Report Promotion & Marketing

CAE Writing Example - Report Promotion & Marketing

How to write an effective report for part 2 of the Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) C1 level exam so you can pass the CAE exam and achieve your goal of gaining a C1 level English language qualification. 

In this article, I critique a real report written by a student in preparation for the CAE writing exam. She has since passed the exam and consequently got a place studying at university in Germany. It’s a great writing to critique as it will give you an understanding of where your writing level needs to be in order to pass this section of the exam. This is a typical question in part 2 of the CAE exam.  First, see if you can spot any mistakes, you will then find my comments and corrections in (bold brackets like this below).

Question: Is marketing important for a company's success?

CAE Writing Example - Report Promotion & Marketing

Nowadays promotion/marketing is very important for a company's success. Only the ones that sell themselves the best to the public, win the most costumers (spelling mistake - customers). Therefore it is important to make a respectable and reliable impression. Losts (spelling mistake - 'lots') of big companies employ a whole department of advertisers, while small firms give commission to advertising agencies. No matter on(remove this word) which way it was achieved, certainly any advertisement is the result of an extensive process.

Looking at commercials on television, it is obivious (spelling mistakes - 'obvious) that their production is very time-consuming. That means it takes lots of staff to produce such an advertisement, what (wrong word - which) in the end creates lots of vacancies (in other areas?). Besides commercials reach lots of people, especially in between of (remove 'of') popular shows or movies.

On the other side the high expenses the company had ('expenses companies have' - in general) to spend on the (remove 'the') extensive production (change 'production' for 'marketing'), eventually reflect on the costumer ('customer') through an increase of ('increase in' = collocation) prices. Advertisements on television also cause annoyance to the viewers, as they are responsible for interruptions during the programme, often are especially loud and contain rediculous (spelling mistake - 'ridiculous') or unreliable informations ('information' = uncountable so remove 's').

Another form of advertising can be found in papers, magazines or as catalog e.g. for fashion. The positive aspect of this kind of advertisement is that consumers are able to easily avoid them in the case that they aren't interested, or keep them as a reminder to buy the product or to show it to someone else.

Unfortunately printed advertisements consume big amounts ('large amounts' better collocation) of paper, as companies tend to give out far too many copies, what harms the environment by a lot. Besides paper advertisements often can't keep up with tv spots, as these often are more exciting and therefore stay better in peoples' minds (would be written better like this: 'people remember them').

Due to environmental reasons I suggest to keep the consumption of paper down by only giving out advertisements on order instead of handing them out randomly. Otherwise companies should make an effort to produce creative and entertaining commercials and publish them in (wrong word - on) the internet rather than on television, where people watch them without the annoyance that their favourite movie was just interrupted.

My overall comments:

This is a good writing, however there are some simple errors which are easy to correct, particularly spelling mistakes. Always save a few minutes to read over your work when you have finished, you'll be amazed at how many simple mistakes you can correct like this. This is how you will easily lose marks in the CAE exam and it is a good tip for passing the CAE writing paper. With reports you should give the response a title and the introduction should outline the purpose of the report. A useful tip is to give the paragraphs headings in a report.

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