CAE Use of English Test

CAE Use of English Test Introduction

Welcome to my CAE Use of English Test Introduction page. If you've reached this page you probably want to learn the best tips and techniques from my CAE Use of English course.

Well, that's a very good decision and I hope you enjoy my course!

Some highlights of the course include:

-Techniques to follow in every part of the CAE Use of English test.

-Practice exercises.

-Homework exercises.

-Extra useful CAE tips and resources.

Remember to write a comment at the bottom of the page if you have any questions. I love hearing from my students!

Also, don't skip content.

I have specifically created all the content on the following pages in a specific order and in a specific style. If you follow the content properly, reading all the information, watching all the videos and completing all the exercises, you will receive extra benefits that you probably won't be aware of.

Watch the video below to make the most of this course. You can always click the 'cc' symbol when the video begins to turn on subtitles:

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