Use of English Open Cloze | Dictation Practice 2

Use of English Open Cloze | Dictation Practice

The Use of English Open Cloze exercises can be tricky. You have gaps in a text and you have no options to fill them in with. On this page, you will learn a great technique you can use to complete Open Cloze exercises while at the same time, you will improve your general English skills through dictation. If you want to know more about the benefits of dictation, check out this Cambridge English dictations page.

Use of English Exam Tip: Did you notice I used the phrasal verb ‘fill in’ in the last sentence? This is the type of phrasal verb you may encounter in the Use of English paper. In fact, this was the answer to a question in a part 1 dictation video I did. If you want a more detailed explanation of ‘fill in’, I explain it in more detail in this video.

Dictation Listening

Okay, time to do a part 2 dictation exercise.

Make sure you have a pen and a sheet of paper ready to write, or fill in the correct fields on my online dictation template.

Watch the video below:

Dictation Worksheet

English word families and sentence structures

Dictation Passage

Here is a picture of the dictation passage without the answers. I added a cheeky example in to help you understand the task ;):

Completed Dictation With Answers

use of english open cloze

Dictation Mistake

I left a mistake in the dictation…did you spot it?
If you think you have found the mistake, write it in the ‘comments’ section at the bottom of this page…

Dictation Answers With Explanations

In the video below I explain why the answers are correct in dictation episode 4 (above).

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use of english open cloze

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