The Most Common Errors At B2 First 15

See if you can correct these mistakes (the solutions are below)


I leave work at 10 to 6 today (talking about the past).

I make an example.

I prefer to back home.

This is a think that I don't use it before.

We meet specialist who come from other country.

When I was manager.

They liked me very well.

It was a very challenge situation.



I left work at 10 to 6 today. 

I’ll give you an example. You should say 'give an example' of something.

I prefer to go/come back home.

This is a thing that I haven’t used before. You are talking about the past until now, so you should use the present perfect tense rather than present simple.

We met a specialist who came from another country. You are talking about one specialist, so use an article. 

When I was a manager. You are talking about a singular noun, so use an article before it. When I was a boy, when I watched a film.

They liked me very much. You can like something very much but you cannot like something very well.

It was a very challenging situation. 'Challenge' is a noun, but we need the adjective 'challenging' here as we are describing the noun 'situation'. Adjectives describe nouns. You will be test on English word families and sentences structures in the exam, so you should read this page.



I thinking about cat.

When I started learn English.



I am thinking about a cat or I am thinking about cats.

When I started learning English or when I started to learn English. You can use an infinitive verb or a verbing after the word 'start'. 



Now I see the name on the internet.

It's more easy go by car respect the public transport.

My dad it's a plumber.

She must return at home.

A job similar at my sister.

The last time I seen my sister.

She will go in India.

I have learn system of conversions.



Now I will look for the name on the internet.

It's easier to go by car rather than public transport. Use 'rather than' not 'respect' when comparing two things.

My dad is a plumber. 'My dad' is the subject, so you don't need to use the pronoun 'it'.

She must return home. When talking about movement 'home' we don't usually use a preposition before it.

A job similar to the job of my sister. 'Similar to' is an example of a collocation. You can learn more about collocations in my FCE Use of English video course.

The last time I saw my sister. You should use the past simple not the present perfect verb tense if you say 'the last time'.

She will go to India. We normally say 'go to' a place.

I have learnt a system of conversions.


Everything the same as 5 or 6 months ago

The most city with higher contagion figures

It depend where do you live

Sorry for my late

I know very well him

He’s a funny guys

It was my first fly


Everything is the same as 5 or 6 months ago

The most city with ‘the’ highe’st’ r contagion figures

-est or most = superlative = the top

The Burj Khalifa is the highest building in the world

-er or more = comparative = 2 or more things

The Burj Khalifa is higher than the Eiffel Tower

It depends where do you live

‘Sorry I’m late’ or ‘Sorry for being late’

I know him very well him

He’s a funny guys

It was my first flighty

Fly = verb

Flight = noun


I made a page with some of the most common errors by Spanish as well as the most common mistakes by Russians and over 200 common English errors by Italians.

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