Common Errors At FCE 14

See if you can correct these mistakes (the solutions are below)


We are near of the Adriatic Sea.

When I will return in office.

When I was 25 years.



We are near to the Adriatic Sea.

When I return to the office. Don't write the word 'will' after the word: 'when'. You can use the present after 'when' even when talking about the future. We also say 'return to' a place. This is an example of a collocation. If you want to learn more common collocations for the exam, you should have a look at my FCE Use of English course. Here we are talking about one office, so we should be an article (the) before it.

When I was 25 years old.



Light comes on the window.

Until last week it isn’t a problem.

This path finish to a place where the people make the cheese.

1225 metres over sea level.

I began to ate fish.

The most Italians are on holiday.



Light comes through the window. You should look up when we use the word 'through'. 

Until last week it hadn’t been a problem. You are talking about before last week. Last week is in the past and when so when you are talking about a time before another time in the past, use the past perfect tense. Subject + had + past participle...

This path finishes at a place where people make cheese. Remember to match your verbs with their subject. 'This path' is the same as saying 'it' and so you should say 'it finishes'. 'Finish at' is another example of a collocation. You are talking about people and cheese in general, so don't use the article 'the' before them.

1225 metres above sea level.

I began to eat fish. After 'began' you can use the infinitive or verbing because you have already put the tense into the past.

Most Italians are on holiday. Don't say 'the most'.



My grandmother has a house on the mountains.

My husband works today.

On July.

We think on this (in the past).

When we go in my grandmother's house.



My grandmother has a house in the mountains. You have to try to remember we say 'in the mountains'.

My husband is working today. Your husband is working at the moment so we should use the present continuous rather than the present simple tense.

In July. We say in when we are referring to whole months.

We thought about this (in the past). 'Thought' is the past of 'think'. You should say 'think about' something.

When we go to my grandmother's house. When we are talking about movement, we say 'go to' a place.


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