The Biggest Mistakes At FCE 13

See if you can correct these mistakes (the solutions are below)


I start at 7.30am until 9am (for the past)

To take my son in the airport

During the summer it's too much hot

It's not too breeze at our beach



I started at 7.30am until 9am (past)

To take my son to the airport. You should say 'take someone to + place'. This means I accompanied him to the airport.

During the summer it's too hot. Use 'much' before uncountable nouns, not before adjectives.

There isn’t too much of a breeze at our beach or ot isn’t too breezy at our beach or our beach isn’t to breezy. Breeze is a noun. Breezy is an adjective.



I just returned to home

I had some call with some colleague in the US

Another colleagues from Israel

I know I have to make a lot of exercise

I tried to watch some films to Netflix

Addicted about 'Breaking Bad'

How long was the travel?

I flow in Palermo

I enjoyed it very well

Some friends of hims

I prefer to not visit other place

It's rich of history

A lot of structures that was built in the Baroque style

You have not to buy nothing

It's tough to me to understand well

I don't remember what I saying



I just returned home.

I had some calls with some colleagues in the US.

Another colleague from Israel. Another is with singular nouns and other is with plural nouns.

I know I have to do a lot of exercises

I tried to watch some films on Netflix

Addicted to 'Breaking Bad'. Addicted to is an example of a collocation. You are tested on various collocations in the exam and so it is good to revise them beforehand. A good FCE coursebook will provide you with lots of these examples and I also go through some common ones in my FCE Use of English video course.

How long was the trip?

I  flew to Palermo. The verb forms are: Fly, flew, flown.

I enjoyed it very much. Don't use 'well' to describe a noun, you can 'very much' instead. 'Very much' means 'a lot'.

Some friends of his. I talk about this more in Biggest Mistakes At B2 First 12.

I prefer not to visit other places.

It's rich in history.

A lot of structures that were built in the Baroque style.

You don’t have to buy anything. 

It's tough for me to understand well. Tough means difficult. You can say tough or difficult for me to...

I don't remember what I was saying.


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