Common Mistakes By Russians


It’s too busy place

We should to go maybe at morning

I don’t know where we been last week



It’s too busy. It’s such a busy place.

Maybe we should go in the morning.

Should = modal verb. Don’t write ‘to’ after modal verbs.

Can, will, would, could, may, might etc. to

I don’t know where we were last week

Been = past participle (3rd column). Been should only come after ‘have/has/had’



I will be in Germany 2 weeks

They went to supermarket and they bought chicken

The fly is 9 hours

It's a big way from Moscow to Tokyo

Last time I like to read story of Russia

How many children Ivan had?

He killed him son Dmitry



I will be in Germany for 2 weeks

They went to the supermarket and they bought chicken

The flight is 9 hours

Fly = verb. Flight = noun.

It's a long way from Moscow to Tokyo

Recently I have enjoyed reading stories about Russia

Present perfect = subject + have + past participle. From the past until now.

Enjoy + verbing

How many children did Ivan have?

Past simple question

He killed his son Dmitry

I like his car. His house. His job. Use ‘His’ for possessions.



We have some shop in nother village and city

We have to invited employees...

All men was drinking

They has children which often...



We have some shops in other villages and cities

We have to invite employees...

All men were drinking

Lots of men = they = they + were + verbing = past continuous

They have children who often...



We went to birthday party

She has 4 years

I never been party like this

We little bit late for this workshop

We started some activity and trainer told us you have...

My father always quiet

My husband more talkative than me

Do you like read a book?

I'm like read a book

It's very disappoint me



We went to a birthday party

Say ‘a’ because ‘party’ is a singular noun and I don’t know whose party it is.

She is 4 years

I have never been to a party like this.

Go/went/been/gone + to

Subject + have + past participle = present perfect tense = from a specific time in the past until now. Use present perfect with: So far, this week, this year, this morning, until now.

We were a little bit late for this workshop

A bit...

We started some activities and the trainer told us you have…

We say ‘the’ because he/she is a specific trainer and I know which trainer you are talking about

My father is always quiet

My husband is more talkative than me

Do you like reading books?

Like + to + infinitive or like + verbing

If you are talking about something in general, use the plural form

I like reading books

It disappointed me or it’s very disappointing



When I read a book I need more focus

When my daughter with me my focus only on my daughter

People who never been in Russia think...

It's a north city of Russia

If we decide back to Russia I don't disappoint

Why I should be sad if I back home