FCE Speaking Part 4

FCE Speaking Part 4

The FCE Speaking Part 4 is the final part of the FCE Speaking test….yipeeeeee!

In this part, the examiner will ask you and your partner questions about the topic you discussed in part 3.

It is good to listen to you partner in case the examiner asks you to respond!

You should watch the video below and learn my technique for this part…

At the end of the video I will give you some homework to complete, so make sure you watch till the end of the lesson…

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fce speaking part 3

FCE Speaking Part 4 Tips

1. Practise answering questions on a variety of different topics with a friend/teacher.

2. Practise giving long answers which are easy to follow. If you are alone, record yourself and listen to the recording afterwards.

3. Tell your friend/teacher to give their opinion on a topic and then practise agreeing/disagreeing with them.

4. Learn some words/phrases that give reasons for your opinions, e.g. ‘because…’ ‘as….’

To remember this in the exam, I recommend asking yourself ‘why’ you say something.

Watch the video above if you want to practise using this technique with a real sample exam paper and you want to see more example phrases to use in the exam.

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Homework – Your FCE Speaking part 4 answer

You need to:

    1. Create some part 4 questions
    2. Film or record yourself answering these questions
    3. Send your voice recording or video to me via my FCE speaking samples service >>
    4. Have a read of this webpage.

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