FCE Speaking Test

FCE Speaking Test Introduction

This page will introduce you to the FCE Speaking test. I hope you enjoy the page and find it useful!

This page forms part of my FCE speaking course, which I made over the last 7 years by gathering resources and gaining knowledge about the FCE: B2 First exam.

Oh, and I also put a lot love into it....so I (and Elton) have a question for you....'Are you ready for love?'

This course is for you if you are prepared to work hard in your own time!

I will help you with this exam, but you need to help yourself by following the course closely and not missing parts because there are loads of useful tips everywhere throughout these pages. As you may have seen if you started at the beginning of this FCE Speaking Course, I organised the site with a 'Next Page >>' link at the bottom of each page, so it's really easy for you to stay on track!

FCE Speaking Test Tips

FCE Exam Tip: this is available for Gold members only >>

FCE Speaking Test Tip

You can find all the FCE practice tests that we will be using throughout this course on this page. There are also a couple more practice tests here >>

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If you register as a Taster member, you'll be able to follow the 'Next Page >>' link above. Tasters also get extra hidden FCE content around this website and even a free B2 First: FCE e-book!

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