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This FCE materials page has links to all the articles you will need in order to effectively prepare yourself for the FCE: B2 First certificate of Cambridge English. I believe that you can prepare yourself for the exam if you have the right tools. You can learn strategies for every exam paper and use these with EXCELLENT practice materials in order to prepare yourself effectively for the exam.

On this page you will find some links to great resources for the exam in general. You will then find links you need for each specific exam paper. If you follow the links on this page, I will show you how to save money and time by preparing yourself and avoiding language schools.

You can pass the FCE, so let's get started...

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General FCE Materials

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Prepare FCE online guide
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Cambridge B2 First FAQs.

I have added links below to specific B2 First exam sections when appropriate. The pages give a summary of the technique to pass each part of the exam. The 'comments' sections at the bottom of each page also offer students and teachers the chance to discuss tactics and share materials for the relevant parts of the FCE exam.


Reading Materials

Reading Course.
FCE Reading Exam Format.
B2 First Reading Part 1.
B2 First Reading Part 5.
B2 First Reading Part 6.
B2 First Reading Part 7.
FCE Reading Discussion Forum.