B2 First Writing | FCE

B2 First Writing

There are 2 parts in the B2 First Writing paper.

You need to answer 1 question in each part which means 2 questions in total.

Part 1 - your answer is always an essay.

Part 2 - You are given 3 questions but you should only answer 1. The 3 questions might ask you to write an: article, report, review or email.

How Do Examiners Mark Your B2 First Writing?

Do you want to know how to get top marks in part 1 and 2 of the FCE writing paper? The video below shows you how examiners mark your writings. If you understand this, you can write in a way which will get you high marks.

This is one video from my FCE Writing course.

You'll need to register before you can access the course.

Essay Writing

If you want to know how to write an essay which will make the examiners smile, watch the video below:

If you register here, you will gain access to my FCE writing course which has a lot more detail on FCE essay writing.

Article Writing

Do you want to know how to write an article which will get you top marks in the exam? The video below will help:

Cambridge C1 Advanced Handbook for teachers >>

Register and access more information and examples of FCE articles with mistakes, corrections and critiques according to the official examiner marking criteria.

Report Writing

Ahhhh, reports reports report. How do I write a good report?

I made a video which will help you answer this question:

Remember, if you register, you will not only receive my new e-book, but also a course with a whole page specifically on report writing!

Review Writing

Unfortunately the FCE review video below is available for higher level members of my website only.

b2 first writing course registration

b2 first writing


Email Writing

Do you want to know how to write a good email for the FCE exam?

Okay, watch the video below...

If you want more tips, advice, video lessons for writing emails, register for membership >>

Writing FAQs

-Can I write notes on a separate sheet of paper?

Yes, it is possible to write on a separate sheet of paper. I advise writing a plan on a separate sheet of paper. I talk more about the importance of planning throughout my FCE writing course, where there are also sample answers with critiques. This website has some useful examples of various writing answers on as well.

If you want more common writing FAQs and FAQs for all the other parts of the FCE exam, check out this page >>


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B2 First Writing Course

Register today and start the B2 First (FCE) Writing course immediately >> 

5 stars - valuable information, accurate course description, clear explanations, knowledgeable instructor. Mia.

There are loads of materials in the course including details and answers for each of the different writing question types in the exam.

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