FCE Email | How To Write It?

How to Write An FCE Email

Do you want to know how to write an FCE email which the examiners will love? Well, the first thing to do is repeat this phrase: “I will write a great FCE email”, then say it again, this time a little louder: “I will write a great FCE email” and again even louder: “I will write a great FCE email”. Now, I want you to shout that sentence 3 times in a row:



Hopefully you’ve woken the neighbours up 😉 Just kidding. But to pass the exam you need to have faith in yourself. You can accomplish great things in this exam, but you need to believe in yourself, work hard and stay motivated. Reading this page is a great starting point for you and if you have not read my other FCE course pages, I recommend you do so.

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Okay, but let’s continue with how to write an FCE email. You need to get a pen or pencil and a sheet of paper so you can complete the exercises in the video below. Also, make sure you watch till the end of the video and complete the homework exercise:

FCE Handbook for Teachers

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