B2 First Books & Resources

On this page you will find links to see and buy the best B2 First books and resources that Cambridge English Teacher Rory recommends you use when preparing for the FCE exam. Just click on the pictures below to view the resources in more detail. In my B2 First strategy courses, I recommend you buy a couple of these books. You can then practise the strategy, tips and techniques I teach you by yourself and save money paying for private lessons. To find out more about this strategy, check out my prepare First certificate online page or buy some of the video courses below at discounted prices.

B2 First Books

I published a book:

'B2 or not B2?'

It takes you through the format of the whole B2 First (FCE) exam and shows you a technique to use for each part.

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I also have a new B2 First e-book, check it out...

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If you want to see a comprehensive list of the best FREE resources that you can use to prepare yourself for the exam, check out my FCE materials page.