CAE Reading Part 6

CAE Reading Part 6

Welcome to this page! I hope you’re doing well….did you arrive at this page from CAE Reading part 5? Or did you find this page another way? Leave a comment below telling me, I’d love to find out…and it’s really useful for me to know!


Do you struggle with part 6 of the CAE Reading paper?

If the answer is “YES!!! Please please please help me!”

Then don’t worry, I will help you.

In fact, by the time you reach the bottom of this page, you will have learnt the best strategy to successfully complete part 6 of the C1 Advanced Reading paper. You will also have practised using this strategy with sample papers. So you will be well on your way to preparing yourself for the CAE exam.


CAE Reading Part 6 – Format

Part 6 contains 4 passages all based on one topic. There will normally be various opinions of academics. You will then be presented with 4 questions based on these different views and opinions. Before the exam, revise words and phrases which show opinions, preferences, agreement and disagreement. You will probably need to locate and identify the similarities and differences between the arguments. You may be tested on general thoughts or specific details.

The passage will look a bit like the picture below. However, it will probably be larger paragraphs and most definitely won’t be teaching you how to pass other parts of the exam 🙂 :

cae reading part 6 exercise based on listening part 1 full passage

If you’re doing the paper-based exam, the questions will look a bit like this:

cae reading part 6 exercise based on listening part 1 questions

CAE Reading Part 6 – Technique

Without further ado, let’s watch my video ‘How to pass C1 Advanced: CAE Reading Part 6’.

But before we do that, the phrase ‘without further ado’ could be a good phrase to use in the exam, especially in the CAE Speaking paper part 3. It means to do something immediately.

While watching this video, complete the exercises with me and make sure you watch till the end and complete the homework!

Sample Paper 4
Sample Paper 4 Answer Key – page 18
CAE Handbook for Teachers
Ready for Advanced
Other CAE coursebooks
Book Lessons

I recently updated the technique in the video above. The technique is more or less the same, but I thought I would write it here for you to read and revise the technique anyway:

1. Skim all the passages to locate the common theme/topic.

2. Read the first question.

3. Starting with the first passage, underline all the parts which relate to this question. Write the question number next to each part you underline. After underlining two different parts, go back to the question. Do you have the answer? If not, continue reading and underlining more relevant information until you have the answer.

4. Read the second question. Can you remember where the relevant information is? If not, start step 3 (above) again.

5. Repeat the process for the final two questions.

If you’re being lazy and not writing this technique down…I see you!

I’ll give you one more chance to do so with the following dictation video:

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