CAE Reading Part 5

On this page you will learn the strategy you need in order to pass CAE Reading Part 5. Some of my students have told me the alternatives for this part drive them crazy!!! This is because they never know which option to choose.

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Cry, Barbed Wire, Caught, Kneeling, Blind, Terror

The phrase 'drive them crazy' which you can see above is the type of phrase that would be good to use in the CAE Speaking test, or that you might hear in the CAE Listening test.

I will highlight some powerful phrasal verbs to use in the exam throughout these courses. So watch for the bold writing and note them down in a separate notebook!

CAE Reading Part 5 Technique

My technique should prevent you from needing to decide between the options. Just watch the video below and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Remember to time yourself and count your marks when you are practising my technique with other sample exam papers.

CAE Tip: You can move from part 5 to part 8 to part 1....Find out which are the easiest and quickest parts for you. Use this information to decide in which order to tackle CAE Reading part 5 and the other parts of the Reading and Use of English paper.

Extra CAE Tip: Notice I used the phrasal verb 'find out' in the last CAE tip 😉 To find out is another way to say 'discover' or 'learn' something. Good C1 Advanced books will teach you more of these phrasal verbs. They might pop up in various parts of the exam....and as you can see they pop up in many many many sentences in English 😉 I could continue writing more and more exam tips...but if I did that, you'd be reading this article all day and we'd never get to the technique that you need to follow for CAE Reading part 5, so let's crack on with that...

Watch this video, complete the exercises with me and make sure you watch till the end and complete the homework!

cae reading part 5


CAE Reading Part 5 Format

CAE reading part 5 is a multiple choice task.
You have one long passage and then 6 questions with a-d options below.
You have to select the best option but sometimes you might think that 2 options are correct!
Normally there will be a small detail missing or extra in one of the options which will help you to decide.

CAE: C1 Advanced Reading Part 5 Technique

The video above gives a detailed look at the format and technique to use for this part of the exam. It also shows you an example of me using this technique with a sample exam paper.

Here is a summary of the main steps to follow in part 5:

1. Read the whole passage quickly (30 seconds - 1 minute)

2. Read the first question with your hand covering options a-d. I repeat, DO NOT LOOK AT OPTIONS A-D.

3. Try to find the answer to question 1 in the passage.

4. Write down what you think the answer to question 1 is.

5. LOOK AT THE options a-d.

6. If you are stuck between 2 answers, make sure all the details of an option are in the passage.

7. Check that the overall meaning is correct.

If you have any other tips, techniques or resources about part 5 of the CAE reading paper, please write a comment below.

CAE: C1 Advanced Reading Part 5 Dictation

Let's revise our knowledge of part 5 while at the same time practising a CAE Reading and Use of English part 1 exercise....

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CAE Reading Part 5

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