CAE Reading Exam Format

CAE Reading Exam Format

Okay, so the 'CAE Reading Exam Format' video below will show you:

-A general overview of the CAE exam.

-The format of C1 Advanced: CAE Reading and Use of English paper. The Reading and Use of English sections are combined into 1 exam paper. Nevertheless, you are marked on each section individually.

-How many different questions there are in the Reading and Use of English exam paper.

-What parts 5-8 of the CAE Reading test look like.

-Extra exam tips...remember to watch till the end 😉

Handbook for Teachers

Be aware that part 1 of the 'Use of English' section is now marked as part of the 'Reading''s weird, don't ask me why they did this! I have added a link to part 1 of the Reading & Use of English paper next. After you finish the Use of English part 1 page you will then find a link to part 5 of the 'Reading' paper.
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