FCE Speaking Part 2

FCE Speaking Part 2

This is a tricky part of the exam, so watch the video below and learn a great technique to use…

Speaking Sample Paper – go to page 5.
FCE Handbook for Teachers
Book Lessons
B2 First books

FCE Speaking Part 2 Technique

It’s a really good idea for you to write down this technique and you can do so while practising your English skills. How? Simple, I made a dictation video summarising the technique for you. So, watch the video below and write down the dictation here.

You can compare your writing with mine and see the answers to the dictation task on my Use of English part 3 page.

English word families and sentence structures

Homework – FCE Speaking part 2 answer

You need to:

      1. Find 2 pictures
      2. Create a question for the pictures
      3. Video or record yourself answering the question (time yourself and don’t speak for more than 60 seconds)
      4. Send the video to me via my FCE speaking samples service >>

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