Common English Mistakes Italians Make 1


Sometimes I lose me in the computer menu
You have no problem with virus
you can find all that you need
you need a pc very power
you don't pay anything on top the laptop
you don't know where are the files
with your criterial
the menu is not the same to windows
my son that use mac from when he borned
I said to she



Sometimes I get lost in the computer menu.
In Italian you use more reflexives, e.g. myself, yourself. In English we often replace these word with ‘get’.
You have no problems with virus’
you can find everything you need
you need a very powerful pc
you don't pay anything on top of the laptop price
you don't know where the files are
Where is the bank?
I was wondering where the bank is...
with your criteria
the menu is not the same as windows
my son has used macs from when he was born
Use the present perfect to connect the past and the present.
I said to her. You need to use the obect, 'her' is the object 'she' is the subject.



I slept to my friends
I have to put my car to the mechanic

-all words are pretty the same
I lucky that I live in a fashion city
when i'm on myself
I never passed with red lights



I slept at my friends house
I have to take my car to the mechanic

all words are pretty much the same
I am lucky that I live in a fashion city
when i'm by myself
I have never passed through red lights


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