FCE Speaking Part 1

FCE Speaking Part 1 Tips & Technique

Speaking Sample Paper – go to page 5.
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FCE Speaking Part 1 Technique

  1. Write down lots of questions related to all the topics above.
  2. Write down some answers to these questions. The answers should be 2-3 sentences long and try to use some less common vocabulary. 
  3. DON’T force words and phrases into your answers if they are not entirely appropriate. This is often obvious to an examiner. 
  4. DON’T memorise your answers from step 2. This is also obvious to most examiners. The most important thing is for the answers to appear natural.  
  5. Tell a friend/teacher to ask you the questions from step 1. Tell your friend/teacher to give you feedback based on the ‘Speaking Marking Criteria’ above.

Below is a dictation video based on this technique.

I advise copying down this dictation. This process will help you learn and remember what you should and should not do when preparing for this part of the exam. You can write down the dictation on this page.

You will also find the full exercise with answers and explanations on the Use of English part 2 page of this course.

Sentence Structures and Word Families

Teacher Examples

Here are some example videos I made from a real lesson I did with a student. She was preparing for the CAE: C1 Advanced exam. I give example answers to some typical part 1 questions that she asks me. The questions and answers will be useful for the FCE exam.

I recommend watching the first video and writing some comments about the answer. E.g.:
Do you think it’s a good answer?
Did I use good language?

You will then watch the same video again with my comments on the screen. Compare your own thoughts with mine.

Remember you can put subtitles on the videos – these are auto generated so are not 100% perfect.

Also, if you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel yet, I would really appreciate it and it will help other students find my work! You can subscribe here.

Okay, do you have a pen/pencil and piece of paper ready?

Then let’s watch the first video…


Have you written down your ideas and thoughts about the answer?

Good, then let’s see watch the video again with my comments…

I give long answers to the questions. This was to help my student think of ideas. You shouldn’t speak for as long as this in the exam.

FCE Speaking Part 1

Let’s watch another video…

Write down your thoughts and then watch this video…

FCE Speaking Part 1 Real Student Answers

Here is the student giving some answers. Remember to turn on the ‘cc’ subtitles if you don’t understand her. You can also contribute to my work by writing the correct subtitles for this video and emailing them to admin@studentlanguages.com.

Did you write down your ideas?

Good, then let’s watch her answer again…

Homework – FCE Speaking Part 1 Answer

      1. Find some part 1 questions.
      2. Record a voice message or a video of you answering these questions.
      3. Submit the recording/video to me via my FCE speaking assessment service >>

      Hopefully, if I have time, I will reply to your email with feedback!

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