Common Errors At B2 First (FCE) 1

See if you can correct these mistakes (the solutions are below)

She don't speak more
My youngest son are studying for the exam
Superior school
A neighbourhood where are lots of cinemas
We can to find the...
She is scared by the snake

She doesn't speak much - only use 'more' if you are comparing 2 or more things.
My youngest son is studying for the exam - make sure you use the correct verb conjugation.
High/secondary school
A neighbourhood where there are lots of cinemas     or     a lot of cinemas
We can find the... - don't write 'to' after 'can' or other modal verbs, e.g: 'will', 'should', 'could', 'might', 'may'
She is scared of snakes - 'scared of' something is a collocation.


I love the kitesurf

The goalkeeper did 2 big mistakes

She have other students

When i was driving it arrived a phone call

It's correct say he has been to X

It's very danger

There is an improved for this in Italy

Some week ago my son has been in Nuremburg for visit a beer factory

The school of my son must to do marketing for this company

My friend George that live in Italy



I love kitesurfing

The goalkeeper made 2 big mistakes - we say 'to make a mistake' in English

She has other students

When I was driving I received a phone call

It's correct to say he has been to X

It's very dangerous - 'danger' is a noun. 'Dangerous' is the adjective. We need to use the adjective here to describe 'it'. 

This has improved in Italy - we should use the present perfect simple here.

Some weeks ago my son went to Nuremburg to visit a beer factory - because we say when he went, we should use the past simple.

My son’s school must do marketing for this company - Don’t use ‘to’ after modal verbs: must, can, could etc.

My friend George who lives in Italy


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