B2 First Error Correction Exercises 2

See if you can correct these mistakes (the solutions are below)


Sometime it’s possible to exit from the house for visit some friends

It's impossible to have less hour every day

If I born again I want to change my job

I'm looking in other company for find a new job

The major activity are related to...

For the major of people that work in software area

I want try to change

We work with other company



Sometimes it’s possible to leave the house to visit some friends - it is more common to say 'to leave a place' rather than 'to exit a place'

It's impossible to have fewer hours every day - use 'fewer' with countable plural nouns in a negative comparative. Use 'less' with uncountable nouns in negative comparatives.

If I was born again I would change my job - Use the 2nd conditional for hypothetical present situations. If + subject + past simple..., subject + modal (would) + infinitive...

I'm looking at other companies to find a new job. Use 'another' + singular nouns. Use 'other' + plural nouns.

The main activities are related to...

For the majority of people that work in software areas

I want to try to change

We work with other companies


I eat cucumber always

Or I didn’t listen her

Less 8 hour, more 8 hour

This images


I always eat cucumber always

Or I didn’t listen to her (always write ‘to’ after ‘listen’)

Less than 8 hours, more than 8 hours

These images



I was taking advantage the lunch break

I have been in other groups 2 years ago

He is with her more than 10 years

When I have 40



I was taking advantage of the lunch break

I have been was in other groups 2 years ago

He is has been with her for more than 10 years (use the present perfect to describe something which has continued from the past until now)

When I have am 40


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