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Here is an example CAE essay which a student sent to me. Below her writing is a video I made where I critique her writing according to the Cambridge English assessment scale which I showed you above. You can also find 6 more essays with my critique and feedback in my new book.

Essay Question:

Which facility should receive money from local authorities?
Sports Centres
Public Gardens

CAE Essay Answer:

Before reading this answer, you should open this page and note down any mistakes you find.

"It is known that our city has many facilities that need money from local authorities to continue their work and provide society with good places for leisure. However, we know that it is not always possible to give money to all of them, so local authorities need to face the difficult decision of choosing which facility to aid.

Although not very popular nowadays, museums can be visited by people of all ages and can also help with a serious concern in our city: Education. After all, museums teach us about art, history, science and many other subjects better than many books.

Another important point is that museums usually have fragile antique objects that often need repair, which may cost much money.

Unlike museums, sports centers have become more popular throughout the years, since people want to lead a healthy life. Therefore, it is easier for sports centers to be sponsored by companies in exchange of advertising and get the money they need without the support of local authorities.

Another difference is that because of age or medical conditions, not everybody is able practice all kinds of sports, making museums much more democratic places to visit than sports centers.

All things considered, museums should be the ones to receive money from local authorities, after all they can help us build a better learning environment that includes everybody and that is what our city most needs."

CAE Essay Feedback:

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