FCE Writing Error Correction 8

See if you can correct these mistakes (the solutions are below)


I’ve been only in Tate museum.

She know how promote instagram account.

She degree second time.



I’ve only been to the Tate museum. Only is an adverb. Adverbs of frequency normally go between the modal verb and the main verb in a sentence. Use ‘to’ when talking about ‘going to a place/movement’. 

She knows how to promote instagram accounts. To know is a stative verb. Use the present simple/past simple for stative verbs. 

Stative verbs are states or facts and they are not used in continuous tenses (‘be’ verbing). So - don’t say - ‘I am knowing/she is knowing’ because ‘know’ is a stative verb. Here are some more examples of stative verbs: ‘be’, ‘understand’ - don't say 'I am understanding'.

She graduated for the second time a few weeks ago. 'Graduate' is a verb and 'degree' is a noun.


I live until 15 years in another city

There are a lot of beautiful city

I went only in London

He has  21 years

He made a masters in Rome

Now he make a stage in xxxx

xxxx is a company that produce sport wear and sport shoes

He is at second year now



I lived until I was 15 years old in another city

There are a lot of beautiful cities

I only went to London. We say go + to a place. 'Only' functions like an adverb of frequency. When using an adverb of frequency, the sentence structure should be: Subject + Adverb of frequency + verb.

He is 21 years  old.

He did a Masters in Rome. We say 'do' + article + Bachelors/Masters/Doctorate (degree).

Now he is doing an internship in xxxx. Use the present continuous tense here because it is happening at the moment. Present continuous (‘be’ + verbing) for actions at the moment.

xxxx is a company that produce sportswear and sports shoes

He is |in his|doing his| second year now


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