FCE errors

Error Correction Exercises Cambridge FCE With Answers 9

See if you can correct these mistakes (the solutions are below)


I don't know how say in English

You can study informatic

I do a lot of error of grammar

You say me

There was a lot of windy

I would like to live in other city how my sister

She work for the tv

London is very different of the Italian city

More beautiful of Padua



I don't know how to say xxxx in English.

You can study I.T.

I make a lot of errors with grammar.

You told me. In English, we say: 'Say + to someone' or 'Tell someone something'.

There was a lot of wind. We pronounce the letter 'Y' the same as the word 'why'. 'Windy' is an adjective. Wind is a noun. We should use the noun form here.

I would like to live in other cities like my sister.

She works for the tv. Remember to pronounce the 's' on third person verbs and some plural nouns!

London is very different to Italian cities.

More beautiful than Padua. You should use the word 'than' when making comparisons in English.



For work reason I need to participate to some meeting

It's difficult to understand what they required to me

I need to think what they are asking to me

Try to speak with all about....

I had a call with the responsible of GFT

I am responsible of global mobility in GFT

I scared that I don't understand what someone ask to me

One time of a week

I have not a book in which to study before I do the exercise

When I was in school the teacher saying before doing the exercise I need to study

It's important not only study but also speak

I’m a little bit on delay

I usually speak on the present form

I have not so many time this week to exercise and study

We are 17 of us

There is a lot place to watch

She has 3 year old



For work reasons I need to participate in some meetings. You should say: 'Participate + in'. This is an example of a collocation. Collocations are tested a lot in the Use of English paper and so you should learn some before the exam! I go through some of these in my FCE Use of English video course. 

It's difficult to understand what they require me to do.

I need to think what they are asking me.

Try to speak with everyone about....

I had a call with the representative of GFT. 'Responsible' is an adjective, not a noun. 

I am responsible for global mobility in GFT.

I am scared that I won't understand what someone asks me.

One time a week

I don’t have a book in which to study before I do the exercises. With a possession - in the negative form either use ‘don’t have’ or ‘haven’t got’.

When I was at school the teacher said I need to study before doing the exercises.

It's important not only to study but also to speak.

I’m a little bit delayed.

I usually speak in the present form.

I don’t have so much time this week to do exercises and to study.

There are 17 of us.

There are a lot places to watch.

She is 3 years old.


Here is a video I made explaining collocations, remember these are tested in the exam:

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