English Errors By Spanish

Common English Mistakes Spanish Make 1


I would like introduce you Paul again

she do some mistakes

they love learn English

she's thinking in moving to Scotland

they was thinking of going

I need ask permission to my government

the relation between different administration

I didn’t know where was that music

When people is Polian, Russian

Apart of his duties



I would like to introduce you to Paul again

she makes some mistakes

they love learning English.

she's thinking of moving to Scotland

they were thinking of going

I need to ask permission from my government

the relationship between different administrations. Remember to put and pronounce the 's' at the end of most plural nouns in English. This is one of the most common mistakes Spanish students make!!!

I didn’t know where that music was (coming from)

When people are Polish, Russian

Apart from his duties



another times, if the company doesn't do the contracts properly...

can make a sanction on that company

the prefer take that risk

another times

on other hand it depending on your style of teaching

rarely they spend even 40 hours

in public schools we work to the government

most of teachers in my school...

I can prepare my speech during 10 minutes (duration)

they are particularly focussed in the structure



other times, if the company doesn't do the contracts properly. If you say 'times' in the plural, then you need to say 'other' not 'another'. We only use 'another' with singular nouns.

can put a sanction on that company

they prefer to take that risk

at other times

on the other hand, it depends on your style of teaching

they rarely spend even 40 hours. Adverbs of frequency (if they are only one word e.g. rarely, often, usually) often come before the main verb in a sentence.

in public schools, we work for the government

most teachers in my school...

I can prepare my speech for 10 minutes. We use 'for' to talk about duration in English.

they are particularly focussed on the structure. This is an example of a collocation. Collocations are tested a lot in the FCE and CAE exams.


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