CAE Reading Part 8

CAE Reading Part 8

Ahhhh….CAE Reading Part 8. Personally, this is my favourite part of the reading paper. I think it may be the easiest part of the Reading section too…although this might not be the same for everybody.

Remember you do not have to do the parts of each exam paper in order, so you could start with part 8 if you wanted to. Notice I used the second conditional in my last sentence. If + subject + past simple…subject + could/would…+ infinitive. My question for you is, ‘when do we use the second conditional?’ Write your answer in a comment at the bottom of this page and I will reply! You may be tested on conditional sentences in the CAE exam, so make sure you can recognise and know how to use these!

CAE Reading Tip: sorry, this is available for Gold CAE members only

Okay, so without further ado, let’s have a look at the strategy you should learn in order to successfully tackle part 8 of the CAE Reading paper.

Watch the video below and take notes of the main exam strategy points as well as any other little tips and tricks I give you along the way. You should have a notebook with a page for each part of the exam where you write the basic strategy I outline in my videos. At the bottom of these pages you should write any extra tips I give you for that part of the CAE exam. You should also have other pages in your notebook where you write general exam tips that you will learn throughout these videos.

Complete the exercises with me as you watch the video and make sure you watch till the end and complete the homework exercises!

Do you have your pen and your notebook in front of you? Do you have a cup of tea or other tasty drink? Okay, let’s get started….

Unfortunately this video is available for paid C1 Advanced members only…

CAE: C1 Advanced Reading Part 8 Format & Technique Revision

In part 8 of the C1 Advanced reading paper, you have either:

– 1 long passage split into sections


– 4 or 5 smaller passages.

You have 10 questions and you have to decide which passage each question refers to.

If you watched the video above then you will have seen my technique for part 8 of the CAE reading paper. You will also have seen me use this technique with a sample exam paper. I will now summarise this great technique for you:

1. Read the 10 questions and underline the most important words.

2. Quickly read the whole passage(s) to understand the context of each. Practise this before the exam, you shouldn’t spend more than 1 minute on this.

3. Read the first passage (A) in more detail. Write A next to every question it applies to. Do this for the following passages.

4. If you’ve written more than one letter next to a question, read the passages again and make a decision at the end (if you have time).

5. If you get stuck. Write any answer. You can only gain marks by writing an answer. Do this for every part of the exam, whenever you are unsure, write an answer.

If you have any other good tips or suggestions for how to improve this technique, write a comment at the bottom of the page! I’d love to hear from you.

CAE Reading Part 8 – Practice

Here is a passage from earlier in this CAE course. It has been separated into 4 parts. You should try to answer the questions that follow…

CAE Reading part 8 exercise based on CAE Listening part 3


CAE Reading part 8 exercise based on CAE Listening part 3 - questions - 1


CAE Reading part 8 exercise based on CAE Listening part 3 - answers

The exercise above is a lot easier than what you will face in the exam. However, you were simultaneously revising about part 3 of the CAE listening paper, so that’s a good thing!

CAE Reading Part 8 – Homework

Unfortunately the video below is only available to CAE Gold members…register now >>

CAE Reading Part 8

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