CAE Listening Part 4


CAE Listening Part 4

What is the CAE Listening Part 4? It's the final part of the C1 Advanced exam listening paper. Students often struggle with this part of the exam due to its strange format. There are 10 questions but 5 speakers. So 2 questions are relevant for each speaker you hear.

Would you like to pass this part of the exam with flying colours? Well, this page will help.

You are going to learn my new and improved 3 step technique to tackling part 4.

You are also going to practise using this technique with my new practice exercises. (I'm really excited to show you these).

Finally, you will see where to find more practice materials and what you should do from now until you get to the exam to prepare yourself properly.

It's incredibly important to already know what to do in each part of the exam. This is so you don't waste valuable time reading and trying to understand the exercise. It's also CRAZY important to use a technique. Techniques are one of my favourite things as you might have guessed from this website.

I'm not going to explain why techniques are so important here, because I think we should crack on and start learning the format and technique while simultaneously improving our other English skills by completing a dictation exercise.

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CAE Listening Part 4 Format and Technique Dictation

You can write your dictation from the video below using my online dictation practice worksheet. Remember, you can also slow down or speed up the dictation using the settings control at the bottom of the video player. Make sure you watch till the end of the video for your BONUS TIP!

CAE Listening Part 2


Dictation Script:

You can check your dictation writing with the script below:

"CAE Listening Part 4


In part 4 you listen to five different people talking about the same theme. 

You have 10 questions to complete (21-30). 

For questions 21-25 you normally have to choose a reason why someone does something. There are 8 options (A-H) to choose from but you only need to select 5 of them. 

For questions 26-30 you also have to answer 5 questions from 8 different (A-H) options. For questions 26-30 you usually need to listen for more specific information.

The format is slightly confusing in this part. Try to remember, you should answer the relevant questions below for each speaker:

Speaker 1 - relevant questions:   21   &   26 

Speaker 2 - relevant questions:   22   &   27 

Speaker 3 - relevant questions:   23   &   28

Speaker 4 - relevant questions:   24   &   29

Speaker 5 - relevant questions:   25   &   30 

This part of the test might be easier to visualise through photos and exercises which you can find in my ‘C1 or not C1?’ Coursebook.


  1. You have 45 seconds to look at the questions before the recording starts. Use this time to read the A-H options for questions 21-25 and the other A-H options for questions 26-30. Underline the most important (key words) and write down some synonyms and other words related to the key words. 
  2. The first time you listen, try to write the correct letter next to each question. You might think there is more than one correct answer, so write both letters next to the appropriate question number.
  3. Confirm your answers the second time the recording is played. If you’re stuck between two options, check if you have either option next to another question. If you have ‘F’ and ‘G’ next to question 22 for example, do you also have ‘F’ next to question 25? If yes, and you don’t have ‘G’ next to another question, choose ‘G’ for 22 and ‘F’ for 25.

Question: Letter:

Your friend Tim has sent you a letter asking for advice:

“Hi Marie,

I’m going to take the CAE exam next month. I’m really nervous, particularly about the Listening paper. I know you took the exam recently, could you give me some advice on the best resources and other ways to prepare. I look forward to hearing from you.

Your friend,


Write a letter responding to Tim in 220-260 words."

If you want to answer the letter question above from the dictation, you can submit it via my CAE writing assessment service >>

You can also write down how many mistakes you made on the 'Dictations' sheet of this document >> I showed you how to edit this document earlier in this CAE course.

CAE Listening Part 4 Practice 1

We are now going to listen to a passage about part 2 of the Reading and Use of English paper and do a Listening part 4 exercise based on the passage. Can you remember how many seconds you have to read the passage before the recording begins?

How long do you have to read the passage before the recording begins?


CAE Listening Part 4 Questions

The questions below are similar to the ones you would face in part 4 of the Listening paper. However, in the exam you listen to 5 different speakers. In the passage below you will only listen to me.

I advise you to write down the questions below on a piece of paper, so then you can follow the first step in my technique above. If you can't remember this step, go back and take a look! Then, start your stopwatch and after 45 seconds, press the play button on the recording beneath and try to answer the questions. The recording plays the passage twice for you as you will get to listen twice in part 4 of the Listening paper.


Which of the following are involved in the format of the exam:

Which of the following are mentioned in the exam technique:

Record your marks

If you are a higher-level member, you will receive an email with your marks from the quizzes on this website!

Make sure to open this document (seen below) and save a copy of it to your computer, you will then be able to edit the document, adding in your own scores and calculating how far away you are from exam success!


What does Listening Part 4 look like?

If you are taking the paper-based exam, the exercise above will actually look more like this:

Which of the following are involved in the format of the exam:Which of the following are mentioned in the exam technique:
AThere are several passages to read. AYou should learn word endings before the exam.
BThere are more than 5 questions to answer.BPart 2 often required you to write short words.
CPart 2 of the Use of English is a multiple choice exercise.CAuxiliary verbs are very commonly tested in part 2.
DThere are some gaps in the text.DYou should think about the type of word you put in the gap.
EThe gaps always need to be filled with a noun.EPrepositions are the most common words you need for Part 2.
FThere are many types of words that can fill the gap.FIt is pointless reading the whole passage at the beginning.
GUse of English part 2 is a similar type of exercise to the Listening part 2.GThe words before and after the gap try to confuse you.
HYou need to think of 8 words to fill the gaps. HGuess the missing word based on the meaning of the surrounding sentence.


In the paper-based exam, you can put marks on the question paper with a pencil, but you will need to transfer your answers to a separate answer sheet at the end of the listening paper. The answer sheet looks like this:

CAE Listening Part 4 Answer Sheet

If you are doing the computer-based listening test, the questions will appear similar to this:

cae listening part 4 computer based questions


You click the appropriate box to put a tick in it for your answers and in the end it will look something like this:

CAE Listening Part 4 computer-based questions with answers

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CAE Listening Part 4 Exercise 2

You have 45 seconds to read the questions below before playing the recording. Again, I advise getting a piece of paper, writing the questions down and following step 1 from my technique above! Then hit play and try to answer the questions. The passage will play twice for you!

The exercise below is available for higher-level members only Join here >> and the recording and quizzes will come to life!


CAE Listening part 4 quiz 2

CAE Listening Part 4 Quiz 3


CAE Listening Part 4 Homework

The dictation video above is my updated version of the technique below. I advise watching the video below to remember and cement the theory of the technique into your mind. It also shows you how and where to access more sample exercises and make sure you watch till the end to complete the homework exercise!

Also, if you haven't already subscribed to my youtube channel, it will help my channel grow which means more students will find my work. So, please, if you enjoy the video subscribe.


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CAE Listening Part 4 Audio File
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