2018 Reflections

Hello guys, What a year 2018 has been! I set myself some big goals at the beginning of the year and although I haven’t accomplished all of them, I really felt like I learnt a lot, developed and adjusted my approach to life and business and created some cool stuff along the way! I spent the first part of the year adjusting to fully teaching online….that’s right, I now teach 100% online, creating courses and delivering private lessons. At the same time I started to create something which I believe will be really useful for millions of students around the world. My skill set and experience was largely involved in helping students pass the Cambridge English exams. If you want to find out more about these exams, just sign up for my free e-book here: https://studentlanguages.com/free-e-book. So, I thought to myself, what will help you students more than anything else. I believed that if I was able to take all my knowledge I would teach you about these exams in the classroom and deliver it to you at home for a fraction of the cost….well, this would be simply be amazing!

My typical student

1. They did not have much money (certainly not enough to spend on several hours of private or group lessons every week).
2. They did not have much time (they have busy lives, working, with families etc.)
3. They have jobs that they don’t particularly enjoy.
4. They want to get better jobs and improve their lives generally.
5. They want to learn English (to travel, get into universities, get visas etc. etc.)

How Can I Solve Their Problems?

So, I thought to myself, how can I create something to solve all of these problems.
At first, I thought that helping students in private lessons or small group courses with me would be the best solution. But then I thought, I can teach maybe 20-50 students a week. That’s okay, but there are millions of students out there who I can help.

Powerpoint Presentations?

So then I decided to create powerpoint presentation courses. If I can promote these courses, then I can reach more people. But then I thought, if my students are tired and if they’re anything like me, it’s quite a lot of effort for them to sit down in front of a computer and click through slide after slide after slide of tips and techniques.

So, then I looked at how the world is moving in this digital age and I realised that more and more people are watching videos on youtube. Whenever I need help with something, I search on google or I look on youtube. Watching videos and demonstrations is an easy way to learn difficult things and youtube is completely free. I don’t need to go to a specialist, because I have someone here showing me how to do things. (I also like trying to do everything in life by myself!)

Exam Video Courses

So I decided to turn ALL of my B2 First: FCE and C1 Advanced: CAE presentations into online video courses.
I created 10 video courses with about 18+ hours of video content.
It took a long long long long long long long time.
It took a very long time.
People don’t often realise how much time and effort goes into video editing…if you don’t know, it takes a long time 😉
Anyway, I also created all these courses for you guys while I was travelling around in foreign countries….did I not mention that? Oh well, I guess that will be a story for next time….or you can check out my travel vlog.

But for now, if you want to teach yourself how to pass the B2 First: FCE and C1 Advanced: CAE Cambridge exams. Save money on private lessons and learn the best strategies to pass every part of the FCE and CAE exams, you should check out these pages and watch some free preview lessons: B2 First: FCE. C1 Advanced: CAE.

Adios amigos.

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