Free C1 Advanced Course

Welcome to your free C1 Advanced course.

This course is a great place to start your CAE: C1 Advanced exam preparation!


  1. You should watch the videos below on a computer or laptop!
  2. Watch lesson 1 and when it's finished, move down the page to find lesson 2!
  3. Keep moving down the page to find the next lesson.
  4. The lessons on this page follow a specific order, so make sure you follow it!
  5. There are extra tips at the end of some lessons!
  6. Make notes as you watch these videos.

I refer to the Cambridge English Advanced Handbook For Teachers a lot in these lessons.

Lesson 1 - How To Benefit From This Course

Lesson 1 Resources:

Cambridge English Advanced Handbook for Teachers >>

Ready For Advanced coursebook >>  - includes grammar reference and vocabulary list BUT no cd's

Free listening samples on youtube:

Ready For Advanced workbook >> - includes cd BUT no grammar reference.

Other C1 Advanced books >>

My CAE preparation books >>

Lesson 2 - Speaking Paper Format

Lesson 3 - C1 Advanced Speaking Paper Part 1

Lesson 4 - C1 Advanced Speaking Paper Part 2

Lesson 5 - C1 Advanced Speaking Paper Part 3

Lesson 6 - C1 Advanced Speaking Paper Part 4