FCE Use of English Part 4

FCE Use of English Part 4

Did you know I have a Use of English Part 4 Key Word Transformations book? Even though it says ‘CAE’ it will be equally useful for B2 First students and all the answers are between 2 and 5 words.

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FCE Use of English Part 4 Technique

I made a video with 3 different techniques that you can try for the FCE Use of English part 4 key word transformation questions. The third technique I think is the best.

The Perfect Method

fce use of english part 4 technique


You can practise the 9 step “perfect method” with some practice questions below…

Here are the answers to the homework questions:

1. The books did NOT COST AS MUCH AS I had expected.

2. My sister always DID HER HOMEWORK BEFORE WATCHING television.

3. We seem to HAVE RUN OUT OF bread.

227 more Key Word Transformation Questions without answers >>

227 more Key Word Transformation Questions with answers >>

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There are more videos in my Key Word Transformation YouTube playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8ZKdw3wlaEUs-geScGkh-M2WkIIJLJag – Please remember to subscribe.

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