FCE Reading Part 7

FCE Reading Part 7

FCE Reading Part 7 – Multiple Matching is another tricky part of the exam for many students. However, with the right technique I think it can be a simple way to increase your overall marks in the exam.

After finishing this page, you may find that this is the quickest part of the Reading test for you.

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Do you have a pen and paper or notebook open?

Are you ready to write down the main technique points from my FCE Reading Part 7 video below?

Okay, let’s watch…

fce reading part 7

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FCE Reading Part 7 Technique

This is the technique I teach my students to successfully pass this part of the exam:

1. Read the questions and underline the most important words.

2. Quickly skim read all the passages and write 1 or 2 relevant words next to each.

3. Read section A in more detail.

4. Read the questions again.

5. Write ‘A’ next to all the questions you think it answers.

6. Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 for each section.

7. If you’re stuck between 2 answers. Read the relevant passages again if you have time and/or make a decision. It is better to write something rather than nothing!

Watch me using this technique with a sample exam paper in the video above.

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You can practice more part 7 on this website.

The comments section below is a place where teachers and students can come to learn and share resources, tips, advice and strategies for part 7 of the B2 First (FCE) Reading paper.

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