FCE Reading Part 5

FCE Reading Part 5

The FCE Reading Part 5 Multiple Choice is a tricky part of the FCE Reading test for many students. But it doesn’t need to be difficult. If you learn a technique, it will make this part of the exam easier. That is what my video below will show you.

Part 5 tip:

FCE Reading tip:

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Here is a video showing you a great technique to use in part 5 of the exam:

fce reading part 5

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FCE Reading Part 5 Technique

1. Skim the passage quickly to understand the overall topic. This will help you answer any general questions about the text.

2. Read the questions and underline the most important words. DON’T LOOK AT THE A-D OPTIONS.

3. Try to find the answer in the text.

4. Quickly write down what you think the answer is.

5. Look at the a-d options and see if one answer is similar to what you wrote.

6. If 2 answers seem possible, check to make sure the overall meaning is correct and that you can find every detail of the option in the passage. Sometimes there will be a little bit extra information which is not in the passage, or a little bit less information than in the passage.

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