FCE Error Correction Exercises 3

See if you can correct these mistakes (the solutions are below)

We were like 15

To them house

You have to concentrate to what you're doing

When i'm with my own

The first 2 year

This tattoos


There were 15 of us

To their house - You need to use a possessive adjective here to say whose house, 'their house'. 

You have to concentrate on what you're doing. We say 'concentrate on' something in English. This is an example of a collocation. Make sure you learn some about collocations, expressions, phrasal verbs and word families and sentence structures before the exam. My FCE Use of English video course covers some of the most common of these. Here is an example lesson from the course:

When I'm on my own

The first 2 years - Make sure you pronounce the 's' on the end of plural words and third person verbs!

These tattoos



When they product these elements

To participate to the backstage of a video

Every shops

I was enthusiastic for the bigness



When they produce these elements - We need to use the verb 'produce' here, 'product' is a noun.

To participate in the backstage of a video - 'participate in' is another example of a collocation:

Every shop. Use a singular noun after the word 'every'.

I was enthusiastic about the size. 'Enthusiastic about' is another example of a collocation and 'bigness' is not a word. 


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