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Why Take The Cambridge English: Advanced C1 certificate?

CAE Exam Format
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Common mistakes at CAE

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CAE Preparation Online – Introduction

Hello all you lovely students out there! I guess you're here because you've made the very sensible decision to take the Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) exam. And not only do you want to pass this CAE exam, you want to SMASH IT!!! Well, good news for you, you've come to the right place. If you're not sure what the CAE exam is, or if it's the right exam for you, don't worry, we explain why it's a great choice to take the exam below.

Student Languages brings together all the best knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals, like so many people before you. Cambridge exams may seem scary at first, but that's exactly why we are here. We want to make the process of passing these somewhat daunting exams as easy as possible for you. On this page you will find some of the most important things you need to know about the exam, what to do and what not to do. But most important, we show you the best way to prepare yourself for the exam in your own time. This allows you to make the most efficient use of YOUR TIME AND MONEY!!!

English lessons can be expensive and preparing for exams can be a long and difficult process. That's why we have designed all of our products to cut the cost of time and money. Personally speaking, I love a bargain and I love getting value for money in everything I buy. In fact, I try NOT to spend money wherever possible and that is why (although we do strongly recommend that you WISELY invest some money into your CAE studies), for those of you that really don't want to spend a penny, well, this page is for you too!!

Whether you have decided to take the CAE exam or, even if you're unsure....keep reading to find out loads of useful information - by clicking the links in the 'Contents' below, you can also skip to any section you find most helpful for you!

Why Take The Cambridge English: Advanced C1 certificate?

The Cambridge English: Advanced exam is a globally recognised English language certification.

You may want to take the CAE exam simply to achieve a personal language goal. The certificate is also useful for getting into universities in English speaking countries and getting better jobs.

On this page you can see which institutions accept the CAE and other English exams around the world.

CAE Exam Format

There are 4 main sections of the Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) exam: Reading and Use of English, Speaking, Listening and Writing. We have designed our online lessons to include lots of tips and techniques, strategy preparation and practice to help you to prepare for the exam.

Reading & Use Of English

90 minutes.

8 parts.

Parts: 1-4 – Use of English

Part 1 – 8 marks

Part 2 – 8 marks

Part 3 – 8 marks

Part 4 – 12 marks

Parts 5-8 – Reading

Part 5 – 12 marks

Part 6 – 8 marks

Part 7 – 12 marks

Part 8 – 10 marks

The Reading and Use of English section consists of 8 parts and this section lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes. The first 4 parts focus on grammar and vocabulary. Our online preparation lessons test your understanding of varying word types, sentence structures and collocations. These are all important areas to practise when preparing for the CAE. The final 4 parts focus on reading. They test your overall comprehension and awareness of how sentences and paragraphs fit within different written texts. They also test your ability to find and understand small differences in meaning between similar looking sentences. If you want more detailed tips and techniques to pass this section of the exam check out CAE Exam Tips

or see some of our free and paid CAE courses and lessons below >>


15 minutes.

4 parts.

The Speaking section has 4 parts. The first part is a general chat between the candidate and the examiner when they typically ask personal questions. In part 2, you have one minute to answer a question about some different photos. You then answer a question about another candidate's pictures. In part 3 the examiner gives you a topic to discuss with another candidate for 2/3 minutes. You then have one minute with your partner to answer another question. In part 4, you have a further discussion which is connected to the topic in part 3. Our CAE preparation online course aims to cover each of these sections in detail. If you want more strategy, tips and techniques to pass this section of the exam check out CAE Speaking Test Tips And Technique.

or see some of our free and paid CAE courses and lessons below >>


40 minutes.

4 parts.

Part 1 – 6 marks

Part 2 – 8 marks

Part 3 – 6 marks

Part 4 – 10 marks

The Listening section has 4 parts including multiple choice and sentence completion questions. You listen to conversations set in different contexts. In order to prepare for this, you need to be able to locate and select both general and specific information. For detailed tips and techniques to pass this section of the exam check out CAE Listening Online.

or see some of our free and paid CAE courses and lessons below >>


The Writing section of the exam has 2 parts. The first part requires students to write a 220-260 word essay. You must write about 2 points from a choice of 3 and explain why one point is the most important. In the second part, you have to write a 220-260 word letter, proposal, report or review. The writing parts are assessed on a scale of 1 (poor) - 5 (great) for: Content, Communicative Achievement, Organisation and Language. This can be found on page 36 of the Cambridge English: Advanced handbook:

cae assessment scale

For more help with the writing part of the exam, check out our CAE writing examples and feedback from previous students. Or sign up to this $10 course and you will get a detailed overview of every exam paper including writing examples.

Our CAE exam practice courses and lessons aim to give you the confidence to pass all of these sections of the exam >>

CAE Preparation Online - Before The Exam - Resources & Strategy

  1. Gather Resources - The first thing you need to when you make the decision to do the CAE exam is to gather the most beneficial resources. I've taught this exam for several years and so I know the best materials for you to use and where to find them.

Useful Resources and Practice Materials

Start your preparation by visiting the Cambridge Advanced website.
This webpage contains lots of useful information including this pdf document which is very useful for understanding the content of the exam and knowing what the examiners look for.

'Ready for Advanced' is a good coursebook and will focus you on the important grammar and vocabulary knowledge you need for the exam and will give you plenty of practice for all the exam exercises.

You can buy the listening cds along with the 'Teacher's book' here:

Some of my students have told me that the listening exercises in the exam are much more difficult than the listening exercises in this book. As a cheaper alternative, you can find listening samples on youtube.

A practice test book will be really useful for you. It is a good way to judge your current level and progress. I have used this book in the past:

For extra grammar practice this book is very good:

This book is also very good for grammar:

The British Council website is also trustworthy and full of information.

2. Learn an exam structure. You need to learn the best ways to approach each part of the exam. If you can master a technique for every part of the exam the time it takes you to complete the tasks will be massively reduced and you will hugely increase your chances of success. My 'CAE Exam Practice With Skype Lessons' Course gives you this technique. It guides you through every part of the exam. This is the only course I've found which explicitly shows you in a methodical way how to tackle each exam section. You can either choose to take the course without a teacher for only $10 or with a teacher for £90.

3. Use the CAE coursebook above to target your weak areas of grammar. There are grammar sections in every unit and there is a key at the back of the book, so you can see if you are weak in any areas. Improve these areas of grammar by using one of the other recommended books or resources above.

4. Complete a coursebook with structure. Use the technique learnt from either my 'CAE Exam Practice With Native Skype Teacher' or 'Prepare Yourself For Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE)' course to complete all of the exam exercises in the book! The techniques taught in both of these courses is the same. The difference is one course has a teacher and one course doesn't.

5. Complete a practice test book. Hopefully after completing the coursebook using the structure learnt, you will be able to complete the test book more easily and in a quicker time.

6. Test your listening and speaking skills. If you would like to know if your speaking and listening skills are good enough, your teacher will tell you if you join the 'CAE Exam Practice' course or you can book 5 private assessments with another one of our teachers. Book your first lesson FREE here. Alternatively, you can find and practice listening exercises on youtube or with a practice test book.

7. Book your exam. You can do the exam in Cambridge, or in lots of other places around the world. Use this website to find your nearest exam centre.

8. Wait for a response location, date and time of your exam. Sometimes you might not receive information about the exam until only a few days before the exam date. Do not panic if you are in this situation!

9. Think about how you will travel to the exam centre. You want to make the exam day as stress-free as possible, so think about whether you will stay near the exam centre the night before, take a bus, car, train etc. Some exams start early in the morning, so check that there is public transport at that time.

CAE Preparation Online - What To Do During The Exam

Use a pencil.



Common Mistakes At CAE

Check out this page with loads of articles all related to the most common mistakes students make at CAE.

CAE Preparation Online - What To Do After The Exam

1. Drink a beer!!! Or a soft drink if you don't drink alcohol 😉

2. You have to wait about 6 weeks before you receive your exam results. However, it depends what time of year you take the exam and so you might receive it sooner, or it might take longer.

3. When you receive your results - jump up and down in the air if you have followed my method and passed the exam!!! Or sit in a corner and cry if you haven't passed. Only kidding, of course I hope you pass whether you buy any of my products or not because having a C1 English certificate really does make a big difference to people's lives. But if you don't pass, don't worry, you can take the exam again as soon as you like afterwards. Although my recommendation would be to take sometime to critique your result and find your weakest areas which you need to improve on. If you decide you need any more professional help, you can book 1 free lesson with one of our teachers, or check out some of our products below.

How My CAE Products Can Help You

We have a range of free and paid products. They all aim to teach and give you the confidence and techniques to study effectively and efficiently on your own. We offer a wealth of experience and can give you the ability and the strategy to pass the exam. I am very proud of my near 100% student pass rate. We only offer small group and individual classes, unlike some big academies and online teachers. This is because a few personalised lessons can help you improve more than a year's worth of standard lessons. This is what my experience has shown me.

So, let's have a look at some of our products...

Free CAE Writing Critique

If you send us a CAE writing I will mark it for you and give you feedback (if I have time)

Send your writing to:

CAE Exam Practice With Native Skype Teacher – £90

This is a 10 lesson group course on skype. You follow the content of the 'Prepare Yourself For Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE)' course above, with a native English teacher.

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CAE Private Skype Lessons - £20 per hour

These lessons are very flexible. You can ask the teacher to focus on any part of the exam that you want!

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Positive Aspects Of Group Learning

People often underestimate or don’t think about the positive aspects of group learning. Particularly when learning a language, learning with and from your peers is highly important. Not only for the language benefits, but also in meeting other students pursuing the same goals. Of course adult language learning, when students are often voluntarily joining language classes, is a lot different to forced language learning as part of a school. No doubt for many people from poorer parts of the world, learning English for example, is a necessity.

Positive Aspects Of Individual Learning

 You get 100% of the teacher's focus. The teacher can help you with any specific language problems you have.

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