Free B2 First Online Video Course

Welcome to your free B2 First (FCE) video course.

The videos are easier to watch on a computer or laptop.


  1. It is better if you watch these lessons on a computer or laptop.
  2. Watch the lessons in order.
  3. Keep moving down the page to find the next lesson.
  4. There are quick tips at the end of some lessons!
  5. Have a pen and pencil and make notes while you watch the videos.

In many of these lessons I refer to the Cambridge English First Handbook For Teachers, here is the link:

Lesson 1 - How To Benefit From This Course

Lesson 1 Resources

Cambridge English First Handbook For Teachers:

Ready For First coursebook: - includes grammar reference and vocabulary list BUT no cd's

Listening Samples:

Ready For First workbook - - includes cd BUT no grammar reference.

Lesson 3 - B2 First Speaking Part 1

Lesson 4 - FCE Speaking Part 2

Lesson 5 - FCE Speaking Part 3

Lesson 6 - FCE Speaking Part 4

Lesson 7 - What To Do Next

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Extra Resources

Ready for First Coursebook:

Ready For First Workbook:

English grammar in use:

Recycling Your English (grammar):

First Practice Test Book:

Handbook for teachers:

Information for candidates:

Ultimate guide to fce:

Writing samples: