FCE Mistakes 11

See if you can correct these mistakes (the solutions are below)


The day are beautiful.

We taked the sun to get a tan.



The day was beautiful.

We lay in the sun to get a tan. We don't say 'take the sun' in English. If you do use the word take in the past, remember the verb forms are: Take, took, taken.



The temperature will slow down.

From one side we have.... and from the other side...

Most of time I like simple food.

It was before my 15.

He liked a lot to go on the mountains for holidays.

When I was young I've been in the mountains.



The temperature will go down.

On one side we have ….. and on the other side...

Most of the time I like simple food. This is an expression, we always say 'most of the time'

It was before my 15th birthday or it was before I turned 15 years old. Here are some other examples: I learnt to drive before I turned 18. I  learnt French before I turned 6.

He really liked to go to the mountains on holidays. If you say 'like a lot' we normally put the object between 'like' and 'a'. For example: 'I like it a lot'. Normally we say 'go to' a place to indicate movement.

When I was young I went to the mountains



Sorry for my late. (At the beginning of an email).

A lot of people is on vacation

A lot of call twice a day for example

You have not to buy the server

I'm not good in language

When I got some problems

My colleagues who speak English since a lot of time



Sorry for my late reply (at the beginning of an email). If you are late meeting somebody or arriving at a place, you can say: 

Sorry I am late / Sorry for being late.

A lot of people are on vacation. Make sure your subjects and verbs match (specifically in the Writing and Use of English parts of the exam). Remember that 'person' is singular and 'people' is plural.

A lot of calls, twice a day for example. Make sure you write your nouns in singular or plural depending on how many you talk about. Many students lose marks in the exam like this.

You don’t have to buy the server / You haven’t got to buy the server. 

I'm not good at languages. We say to be good or bad at something.

When I have (got) some problems.

My colleagues who have spoken English for a long time. If you are talking about a past time which continues until now, use the present perfect verb tense = have + past participle.

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