Common English Mistakes Spanish Make 3


The another players were very good

They were impolite and rude person

She didn’t feel like to go out with the bad weather

In front to Wetherspoon

Beehive Bar is the third pub we went.

Since the first day I have a van

It’s important for that reasons

My car give me freedom to go to different place



The other players were very good. If 'players' is plural we need to use 'other' before it, not 'another'. 'Another' is used before singular countable nouns. This is a very common mistake!

They were impolite and rude people. 'Person' is singular and 'people' is plural. There are a few circumstances where we use 'persons' to refer to a group of people, but I always tell my students if you are talking about more than one person, use the word 'people'.

She didn’t feel like going out because of the bad weather. After the phrase 'Feel like' in English, use a verb with an 'ing'.

In front of Wetherspoons. Wetherspoons is a chain of pubs across the UK. Maybe you have been to one 😉 Anyway, when we talk about this chain or one of these pubs, English people talk about it with an 's' on the end of the word. We also say 'in front of' a place.

Beehive Bar is the third pub we went to. We use the word 'to' after a form of the verb 'be' to show movement or attendance.

Since the first day I have had a van. The word 'since' is usually used with the present perfect tense in English sentences because the present perfect tense and the word 'since' are both used to connect things from the past to the present. 'I have had' is an example of a present perfect tense.

It’s important for those reasons. 'Reasons' is plural, the plural form of the word 'that' is 'those'. 'This' becomes 'these' and 'that' becomes 'those'.

My car (it) gives me freedom to go to different places. Remember the 's' on the end of third person verbs and plural nouns. A very common mistake Spanish students make!!!


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