CAE Speaking Samples

On this page you will find some C1 Advanced: CAE Speaking samples which students have sent to me. You will also be able to submit your own speaking task for assessment.

Submit A Speaking Task

Send me a recording of your Speaking and I will assess it and give full audio or written and video feedback.

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I will give you written and video feedback on 4 of your CAE speaking samples.

You might send 4 part 2 samples, or a full test (Parts 1-4)

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You submit one voice message and receive my quick response via voice message.

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"Thank you so much, Rory! It's really helpful. I'm gonna try to make my answer shorter next time."

"Thanks Rory, it was really helpful. I know that I make silly mistakes occasionally but I'm trying to fix that."

"Thank you Rory. I write down all the criticism and saw that previously I didn't say things like 'moving on to the next point', so that's why I consciously added that in. In the hopes of drilling it into my brain and starting to use it automatically haha."

"Hi and thank you for your feedback. Yeah, I was thinking before answering and I also wrote some vocabulary to use while speaking. And as we are practicing now, it helps me a lot to remember those words also for my future exam."

More CAE Speaking Samples

See more examples from other students in my:

CAE Speaking Course >>

or skip to video 3 or 4 in my C1 Advanced Speaking playlist below: