CAE Speaking Practice Online | C1 Advanced 25 Tips

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You can also do some CAE speaking practice online with me in private or group lessons.

Here are some more details...

Your Teacher

You will probably be taught online by ūüôā (a native English teacher). I have lots of experience teaching general spoken English classes and exam preparation classes. If you would like to find out what students have said about me, see my CAE testimonials.

CAE speaking practice online

It's possible that by the time you book lessons, I will be overwhelmed with thousands of students wanting my expert guidance. So, if you end up with another teacher, you can always write and request to have the lesson with me. Rest assured, if I hire any other teachers, I will train them in my style, using my methods.

Why Online Lessons?

Since the Covid pandemic has hit more and more people have started working and studying online.

I started several years before the pandemic for a  number of reasons, many of which will now be obvious to you.

1.. Perhaps most importantly, online lessons give you the freedom to study from your own home, which is both convenient and comfortable.

2. There is not always an expert CAE teacher living close to you.

3. I have spent a lot of time building my online resources and thus ensuring that the quality of my online lessons is the same, if not better than face to face classes.

"The best way for you to improve your speaking is to join my online lessons and combine these with self study"


Online Individual Lessons - £25 (30 or 60 minutes)

Who is it for:

Anybody who would like to improve their CAE: C1 Advanced exam score

What I offer:

1 x 30 minute online individual lesson.

This lessons can help you improve any part of the exam. For example, C1 Advanced speaking part 2. I can give you feedback based on the CAE speaking marking criteria or help with other aspects of your speaking...fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar usage.

(The lessons can focus on other parts of the exam if you wish. They don't have to be speaking.)

You won't get a refund for missed or cancelled lessons.

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Online Group Speaking Lessons

Who is it for:

Anybody who would like to do some CAE speaking practice online.

What we offer:

60 minute online group lessons.

These lessons help students improve improve on all the main CAE speaking marking criteria.

But we do not offer refunds for missed or cancelled lessons!

If you would like to attend these lessons please fill out the form on this page >>

CAE speaking practice online

Here are some example lessons: