B2 First Practice Tests With Cambridge English Teacher Rory

I have created several videos showing you how to complete some B2 First Practice Tests because I think this is the best way to prepare for the FCE exam. You should watch the videos below because Cambridge English Teacher Rory shows you the best tips and strategies to use in the exam using real B2 First practice tests as examples.

In the following videos I show you:

  1. How to access old B2 First practice tests and the best strategies to complete them. Most have come from this website.
  2. How to find the answers to these practice tests.
  3. Other useful tips, techniques, strategies and advice for the exam.

In the final lesson on this page I will show you:

  1. The best way to prepare yourself from now until you get to the exam so you can SAVE £$.
  2. How to know when you are ready to take the B2 First Certificate: FCE exam.
  3. How to book the B2 First Certificate: FCE exam.

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