English Language Test Online With Answers

English Language Test Online With Answers

On this page you will find an English language test online with answers after each section. The exercises will test your knowledge of vocabulary, grammar and your Use of English. Your listening skills will be tested as well. I designed the English language test on this page to be the first stepping stone in knowing if you are ready to take a more official English level test, for example a Cambridge English test. If you want help deciding which language test to take, read my free e-book. The e-book contains lots of information, including many details on what Cambridge English language assessment offer. It also compares information on the IELTS test, the C1 test, the B2 English test and more.

If you are already fairly certain that you are a B1, B2, C1 level or higher, I suggest doing more comprehensive B2 and C1 level tests which you can find on these pages:

B2 Practice Tests.

C1 Practice Tests.

If you don't know which English level you are, complete the exercises below.

Why Do An Online English Test?

Do you want to test your English level to see if your English is better or worse than you previously thought?

It can be great to test your English level to have that knowledge alone. But knowing your level of English can also be beneficial for many other reasons. It can:

  • Help you decide if you are ready to take an English exam for university or work.
  • A pre employment English test can help your prospective employers know if you are suitable for their company.

There are 2 versions of the test below...

Test Version 1

I recommend this version, which you can complete on this page.

It includes dictations, which test your:

Listening skills (how many mistakes you make in the dictation).

Writing skills (how many mistakes you make in the dictation).

Speaking skills (how similar your pronunciation is to mine).

Reading skills (finding mistakes in your dictation).

Use of English, vocabulary and grammar skills (how many mistakes you make in the dictation tasks).

Test Version 2

The second version of this test is without dictations and you can download and print it off here.

Version 2 will only test your Use of English, vocabulary and grammar skills.

The instructions and questions for Version 2 are all contained in this pdf document.

Version 1 Instructions

Make sure you are sitting comfortably and you have a drink to keep hydrated. I normally like to have a cup of tea 😉

Before you correct your answers for each part below, you should:

1. Write down how many written mistakes you make in each dictation.

2. Write down how many answers you get correct from the missing word exercises.

We will use this information to calculate your English level at the end.

Okay, let's get started, test your English level free below...


English Test Online - Part 1

Watch the video below and complete the exercises with me.

Make sure you have a pen and a sheet of paper or this online document open and ready.

Maybe you have now written down the whole passage and corrected your mistakes and completed the answers. If so, that's fine, but make sure you write down how many written mistakes you made and how many answers you got wrong.

If you haven't checked your writing yet or filled in the answers, here is the passage and options below, so you can complete this exercise now:

Here are the multiple choice options to fill the gaps:

Part 1 Answers

The video below will explain the correct answers for you in more detail. Remember to keep a record of your mistakes!

Here is the passage with the blanks filled in correctly:

English Assessment Test - Part 2

This is a very similar task to part 1, but you don't have any options to help you complete the blanks in the dictation.

Do you have a pen and a sheet of paper ready or have you opened this online document?

Great, then let's watch the part 2 video.

Remember to write down how many written mistakes you make from the listening and how many mistakes you make with the blanks 😉

Let's have a look at the passage without the answers:

Part 2 Answers

Here is the passage with the correct answers filled in for you if you need to double check your work:

Okay. Have you written down the whole passage, corrected your mistakes and filled in the blanks. Did you write down how many mistakes you made from the passage and with the blanks?

Great. You can give yourself a pat on the back 🙂

As I said in the video, if you want to watch a video of me explaining all the correct answers in detail, you need to become a member of my new website. You can sign up here.

Online English Test - Part 3

The next exercise is similar to parts 1 and 2, but this time you need to change one word to complete the blanks in the dictation.

Make sure you have the online document open, or a pen and paper ready to write.

Write down your mistakes from the dictation and with the exercise again, just like before and then we will use these to calculate your English level.

Here is the empty passage and below that I put the word you need to change to fill the gap. I added an example '0 INVOLVES' to help you understand what to do:


Part 3 Answers

Below is a picture of the correct passage and the correct answers. You can ignore 0, it is just an example.

To watch the video of me explaining all the correct answers in a lot more detail, sign up to my new website here.

Once you have written down the number of mistakes you made from that dictation and the number of mistakes you made with the blanks, you are ready to check your score below.

Understanding Your Results

Hopefully you have written down all the mistakes you got for the blanks in the exercises above. This is essentially an English grammar test, but it also tests your knowledge of vocabulary and in exams it is often called a Use of English test.

There were a total of 24 marks available for the 'Use of English' (blank exercises) above. This is your predicted level based on how many marks you got correct:

21-24 = C1 level.
16-20 = B2 level.
10-15 = B1 level.
0-10 = A1-A2 level.

I have loads more materials which help students prepare for B2 level exams here and C1 level exams.

If you want to know more about the Cambridge English levels and how to successfully complete a Cambridge English exam, you can read about this and more in my free e-book.

Can you remember I also asked you to add up the mistakes you made for each of the dictation exercises?

This will help us determine your listening level. However, listening skills are also determined by your understanding of passages. In order to better understand your listening and reading level, I recommend joining me for some lessons, or doing some B2 practice tests, or C1 practice tests based on the score you got for the Use of English test above.

Anyway, we can make a general guess as to your listening skills based on your total dictation mistakes for all the exercises.

1-4 mistakes = B2/C1 level.

5-10 mistakes = B1/B2 level.

11-20 mistakes = A2/B1 level.

20+ mistakes = A1/A2 level.

Remember, this is just a guideline, it is not definitive, so definitely check your skills further with the practice tests I mentioned above. Those practice tests and the test you completed on this page are all helping you prepare for the Cambridge exams. These exams can change your life for good. If you want to learn more about these exams, including the IELTS exam, my free e-book will show you tips, techniques and the most popular reasons why students take an English exam.