If you require online FCE/CAE/IELTS/Speaking Practice & Courses ....you have come to the right place! My name is Rory and I am a native English teacher from Cambridgeshire, England. I teach English lessons online. I lived in Milan for 2 years, where I learnt to speak Italian. At the moment I am learning to speak Spanish.

Passions & Hobbies

Travelling is one of my biggest passions. I have been to many places across Europe. I have also travelled to Australia and South East Asia. For this reason I have met and taught many students from around the world.

I like: watching films, reading, listening to music (all varieties), football, golf and fishing.

Teaching Qualifications & Experience

My love for English teaching began in Milan, Italy. This is where I gained my formal qualification, completing my QCF, Ofqual, CEA University of Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA). Subsequently, a globally recognised language centre in London hired me. I joined their team of experienced teachers and taught a variety of English classes. I then moved to Cambridgeshire. This is where I started teaching Cambridge Exam Preparation and IELTS classes at another language school.

Online FCE/CAE/IELTS/Speaking Practice & Courses

I started my teaching career delivering Cambridge English: First (FCE) and Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) lessons. Helping students to prepare for and pass the FCE and CAE exams was extremely fulfilling. I enjoy teaching these classes and I like the exam format for these exams. The general FCE and CAE exam structure can be found on these pages: FCE format. CAE format. If you would like to study for either of these exams with me...see our FCE page or CAE page for more details. Or you can book a 'Free chat with me' to discuss our lessons.

IELTS is one of the most well known English examinations globally. Nevertheless, there are not many English language teachers around the world who specialise solely in this area. It is for these reasons why I have now created an IELTS training online course.

Find out more about my IELTS courses and general Speaking lessons.

I believe that our online courses are more beneficial than face-to-face lessons when preparing for English exams. This is because students can easily and immediately access a large number of learning facilities and materials online. To find out more about online learning, visit our blog or to find out what our students say, you can read our success stories.

If you are unsure which English exam to take, you can find more information here: 'Which English Exam Should You Take'.