Online English language learning in China

This blog post will firstly look at some of my views about the Chinese people and culture. I then ask more questions about English language learning schools in China at the bottom, which I seek to answer in other blog posts.

In my opinion, travelling, exploring new cultures, gaining new experiences and trying new things are the most important reasons why we are here. While at the same time, all of these things can ultimately help everyone to progress. Globalisation can help push towards a new and prosperous future for the world as a whole.

Online English language learning in China

What China has to offer

We are facing a number of challenges in this day in age. Global warming, economic disparity and terrorism are just a few. It is my belief that we can only start to effectively tackle and resolve these problems if we learn from and work in co-operation with other countries around the world. I think that China will be fundamental in creating a more prosperous global future.

China is a fascinating country, so completely different from many Western states. There are a number of things I love about Chinese culture and its people. I think there is a lot China and Western countries can learn from each other. China is a massive country in every meaning of the word. The Chinese will have a huge influence over what happens to the world as a whole in the future. The rest of the world has witnessed the amazing variety of spectacles that China has to offer.

Firstly, they seem to be able to produce and deliver the most amazing physical athletes and performances I have ever seen. When I think back to the ceremonies at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 for example, I remember being in awe. It amazed me that these things were even humanly possible. The amount of hard work and dedication that it took by so many people to carry out such amazing acts to me is unfathomable. The way individual people moved their bodies in co-ordination with one another. While at the same time the larger groups of people managed to move in co-ordination with other larger groups. It was astounding. This highlighted to me in magnificent fashion how people can interact on different scales. It also gave a good visual representation of what people can achieve when working together.

Chinese learning and working mentality

China seems to have a strong, work focussed cultural mentality. This clearly flows through a lot of the remarkable achievements that have come out of the country. Without this mentality I don’t think some of the things they have achieved would be possible. It is amazing to see and to think what may be possible when this focus is harnessed and channelled in particular areas. While I am in no doubt that people from most other countries around the world also work extremely hard, I think the Chinese have a different mind frame.

Online language learning schools in China - some questions

There are some big English language learning schools in China. There are a few questions I want to find out more about though. These mainly revolve around online English language learning in China. How effective are Chinese language schools generally and how do the Chinese feel about online language learning? From my relatively limited experience, it seems as though most English language classrooms are very large. There are high numbers of children per teacher. There are also some specific English exams which children in China have to pass. There is more information on this topic here. However, there does seem to be a more favourable movement towards online learning. In these situations children can often have one on one lessons with teachers via skype and other platforms. I discuss how these online lessons can be useful in another article but what I really want to know is how popular these lessons are in China and what does the future hold for Chinese English learners online?

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