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Chinese Students Learn English Online

Chinese Students Learn English Online

In this article I will discuss how more and more Chinese students are starting to learn English online. I look at some of the popular English language exams Chinese students take and the lessons I offer.

 Chinese students learn English online

Online English Teachers

In recent years, many Chinese have started to use the internet as a tool for learning English. There has been an explosion of online English teachers over the last 5 years. These teachers can advertise privately or they can join part of a larger online teaching company. There are lots of options for both. Business English seems to be a particularly popular choice for online learners. This is probably the sector where there is highest demand. Nevertheless it seems as though in China they put a large emphasis on teaching their children English.


Popular English Exams in China

From my research it seems as though the most popular school exams in China are the CET-4 and CET-6. However, there are not many online companies that offer English training specifically for these exams. If you would like to speak with me about these exams, click on this link to book a free chat.

I think a lot of people nowadays realise the importance of being able to speak and communicate in English. The exams which students take in many countries around the world focus more on passing an exam rather than being able to speak and understand native speakers. Perhaps the Chinese are starting to realise this. This could be one reason why there has been such a rise in online English conversation classes in recent years.


English learning difficulties for Chinese and choosing a good online English teacher

English language learners in China, similar to most countries, have their own specific difficulties with the language. Pronunciation is one of the most problematic areas. The use of skype and other online learning platforms is a great way of connecting Chinese learners with native speakers. Provided there is an internet connection they can learn and improve their English skills from wherever they are. Nevertheless, you should use caution when selecting these English teachers. There are a lot of English teachers on the internet who are not qualified. There ability to teach effectively could be limited for a few reasons. They could lack teaching skill, but more importantly they might not be able to explain grammar and other language topics. Surprisingly, most native English speakers do not actually know how the language works. For this reason, they cannot explain it.

If you are interested in talking about what online English language lessons we offer, click here and book a free 20 minute chat with me.

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