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The benefits of Online Learning

Why We Like Online English Lessons

We teach online English exam preparation and conversation lessons. Our students have found these incredibly you can see from our success stories. In this article we list some of the different reasons why we believe online English lessons can be better than face to face classes.

Old Traditions

Most people prefer face to face lessons when it comes to language learning. Perhaps it is the security and the knowledge of having a person and a whiteboard in front of you which makes you feel reassured.

Our work has opened our eyes to the vast number of benefits associated with online language learning. We believe this will become a more common method of language teaching moving forward.

Tools Not Found In The Classroom

We firmly believe that online language learning can be just as effective as face to face lessons. Nevertheless, you need to have efficient software and of course a solid internet connection. Facilities allowing contact between one teacher and any number of students are easily available. Skype is probably the most common for individual students or smaller student groups. There are also a large number of useful functions and tools on computers. These can be used in online lessons, but not always in face to face lessons. One such tool is the ability to easily record online lesson material. This can then be shared almost instantaneously with students via online learning and communication platforms. We have put a lot of thought, time and effort into creating a solid platform of online language learning materials.

More Reasons To Learn Online

I know several students who are not able to have English lessons during normal working hours. This is often because they are working at that time themselves. Online learning eliminates these problems in more ways than one. Firstly, if you learn online 10pm in your country might be 2pm in the teacher's country. Many online teachers, including myself, are prepared to work outside of normal 9am-5pm working hours. Often students and teachers may not want to travel to lessons at certain times of the day (rush hours, at night) and with online learning they don't have to. Nobody has to go to a physical building for there is also no reliance on transport, building opening times etc. The flexibility of online lessons for both students and teachers is hugely beneficial. We have lessons for both B2 and C1 level courses and we believe that our online FCE (B2) and CAE (C1) lessons are also just as worthwhile as face to face lessons and our students agree! See what products we offer or visit our CAE preparation online or Prepare First Certificate online pages to find loads of useful information as well as the best techniques and strategies to prepare and pass these exams.

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